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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treatment Pdf Download

post inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment pdf download


Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treatment Pdf Download --

















































Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treatment Pdf Download,


2008;81:365371. A microsponge formulation of hydroquinone 4% and retinol 0.15% in the treatment of melasma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. El-Essawi D, Musial JL, Hammand A, et al. Rayner VL. 2002;41:1299530002.


[PubMed]74. Pigment Cell Res. 154169.92. 1997;16:3643. [PubMed]41. Contact allergy to kojic acid in skin care products. [PubMed]62. Multiple studies including Caucasian and Asian patients have shown that combination therapy with 2% KA and hydroquinone improves melasma.58,59 However, clinical studies are still needed to determine its efficacy in the treatment of PIH.


Clinical ManifestationsPIH typically manifests as macules or patches in the same distribution as the initial inflammatory process. 2008;159:697703. There were significant decreases in lesion size, pigmentation, and disease severity from Week 4 to the study endpoint (all P<0.032), and reflectance spectrophotometric analysis showed statistically significant reductions in melanin content as early as Week 4 as well. 2006;5:297301. [PubMed]52. 403 Forbidden . Hydroquinone (HQ). Skin Therapy Lett. ef1da23cbc

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